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Chrono paintball marker

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The Siege is Wisconsins premier outdoor and indoor paintball facility, with all our fields at the same location. At the Siege we strive to provide the best prices. Aug 30, 2014Wanted to post this Chrono paintball marker there are very few T15 test firing videos on the web and I just got mine yesterday.

This is a stock Tiberius Arms T15 at 50 yards. Paintball markers or Paintball guns This is the main equipment in the sport of paintball. paintball gun markers are powered by either CO2 or compressed air. DYE Assault Matrix Paintball Marker Modular Rail System. Over 2 Feet of standard Picatinny rails allow for any standard optics, grips, or other.

Product Description. Tippmann 98 Custom PS Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega SetThe 98 Custom Platinum is our entry level, fully customizable marker. Intro: Paintball/Ballistic Chronograph. Create a low-cost Paintball Chronograph for less than 40! A ballistic chronograph is a device that records the velocity of a. Mar 19, 2015Testing the stock factory setting power / velocity of the Tippmann TCR paintball marker using 3.9g hard rubber balls riot control rounds.

This is the. . Buy paintball supplies, paintball gun packages, paintball guns, paintball markers and accessories. Find Paintball play locations. Ansgear has Paintball guns and Paintball equipment for everyone. Get your Paintball equipment for cheap. All Paintball gear Chrono paintball marker sale!.

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